20 Year TLOC Anniversary Gala!

The Link & Option Center, Inc. (TLOC) will host its 20 Year Anniversary Gala, August 15, 2015 at Harborside International Golf Center.  Tickets are $60.00 each.


The mission of DHS is to assist Illinois residents to achieve self-sufficiency, independence and health to the maximum extent possible by providing integrated family-oriented services, promoting prevention and establishing measurable outcomes in partnership with communities.

The Black United Fund of Illinois is a non-profit, tax-exempt federated organization and a social movement designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans through reliance on self-help at the local community level. At the root of this philosophy is the statewide goal of developing systematic mechanisms to rally resources for the African American community.

State of Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County Adult Probation Department

Solutions to the underlying problem of poverty & community distress are most readily identified at the local level. It is there that services are most effectively provided to individuals and families in need, and where people are motivated and organized to become involved.


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